Havanese puppies for sale

Havanese are a little dog breed that originated in Cuba. These vivacious and sociable companions have an energetic and cheerful disposition, making them a popular choice for American city dwellers. They have a distinctive curled-over tail and a beautiful silky coat that can come in a variety of colors. Some owners prefer to cord their coat in the manner of a Puli, while others clip it short to reduce grooming time. Regardless of their hairdo, Havanese are always cute and have a spring in their step and a gleam in their big, brown eyes.

Their small but sturdy bodies make them an ideal city dog, but they can adapt to any environment as long as they can command the attention of admirers young and old alike. Havanese are known for their smart and trainable nature, and they have a comedic instinct like that of a born clown, making them natural trick dogs.

Havanese are also excellent watchdogs and take their job seriously, but they usually keep the barking to a minimum. Their social skills and adaptable nature make them an excellent fit for families and individuals of all ages. They are a playful and affectionate breed, always happy to spend time with their owners.

Overall, Havanese are a wonderful and delightful breed that can bring joy and companionship to any home.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries about this particular breed. Our team is always delighted to assist and equip new puppy parents with the knowledge they need.

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